Sober living, fresh start homes in Phoenix.

Our Story

The Opioid epidemic is on the news everyday, ravaging so many communities and we saw a need for more options in recovery homes. Overdose deaths are on the rise and there is an ever growing need for people to find a safe place with structure to allow for recovery to happen.

When you move into a Phoenix Sober Living home you will encounter an environment designed to help your recovery thrive. Our expectation is you will follow our five simple guidelines, attend meetings, get a sponsor, have a service commitment, complete the twelve steps and find a home group. We believe in accountability at Phoenix Sober Living, so we will verify you have a sponsor by calling them and checking periodically to make sure the steps are being worked, we will provide you with a meeting slip to be signed when you attend meetings.

Most importantly, we believe in the healing properties of community and like mindedness. Our only expectation is you stay clean and sober, find a job, rebuild your life so you can move on to a better life than when you first moved into one of our homes.

Phoenix Sober Living provides safe, nurturing homes for recovering addicts.

Our Vision

We believe in our residents’ inner strength and ability to change and recover. We know drug addicts and alcoholics can recover by living in a safe place. Our goal is to provide resources and a home to create a foundation for long term recovery. No matter what the factors are, successful drug abuse recovery begins with individuals who desire change.