House Policies


The following are requirements to become a resident at a Phoenix Sober Living House:

  • Remain drug and alcohol free –precluding the care of a physician (including narcotics, benzo's , medical marijuana, etc.) through participation in a 12 step program (AA,NA, MA, HA, PA or the like)

  • You must be gainfully employed or looking for a job-unless in an aftercare program.

  • You must attend 30 meetings in 30 days if you have less than 30 days sober. If you have more time you must attend a minimum of five sobriety meetings a week. (This can include IOP or other aftercare). It is recommended to do 90 meetings in 90 days

  • You must be willing to abide by the rules of the House

  • You shall be willing to commit to 90 days (3 months) of residency at the House and give a two weeks notice

  • You must have no history of sex crimes

Terms and Conditions for living as a Resident at a Phoenix Sober Living House:

  1. Any use of drugs and alcohol is grounds for eviction

  2. You must submit to random drug and alcohol testing (not submitting will cause an immediate eviction)

  3. Smoking is allowed in designated areas only. NEVER SMOKE IN THE HOUSE or near the entrance to the house. This CONDITION also includes Vape and E-Cigarettes which are not allowed in the house.

  4. You must dispose of your tobacco products appropriately.

  5. If you turn it on, turn it off. If you’re the last leave the room, please turn off all the lights/fans/electronics, etc. in bedrooms in common areas.

  6. If you make a mess, clean it up dirty dishes are not to be left in the sink or on the counter-do your dishes after you eat and put them away once they are dry.

  7. Visitors/Guests are NEVER allowed in any bedrooms for any reasons.

  8. Please keep all personal items in your room-i.e.: keys, shoes, phones, chargers etc.

  9. NO EATING IN BEDROOMS-only water is allowed in bedrooms

  10. Keep your rooms picked up. Beds must be made by 9 AM every day, even on your days off. Keep your clothes off the floor  Rooms will be inspected

  11. Complete your chores as assigned and scheduled

  12. Attend meetings as scheduled including IOP and after care

  13. After your probationary period. Curfew is 10 PM Sunday through Thursday and 11:30 PM Friday and Saturday (see Curfew paragraph for more details)

  14. No hair dye inside the house.

  15. Sign in and out and always let us know where you are at how to get a hold of you. Use the sign in sheet when you leave and return

  16. Guests are allowed after your first 30 days. You must ask permission to have guests after 30 days is up and only two guests allowed at a time. You must discuss the guests prior to visitation with the House Manager and have the person approved. This person's only permitted in the smoking area outside and in the living room.

  17. For women’s houses: No men allowedPERIOD. Not your brother, father, boyfriend, etc. If your father wants to see where you live, talk to Jeniffer or Garth. For men’s houses: No women allowedPERIOD. Not your sister, mother, girlfriend, friend, etc. If your mother wants to see where you live, talk to the House Manager or Jeniffer or Garth.

  18. 90 day commitment to live in house as listed previously. We ask that you give two weeks written notice of departure to Garth or Jeniffer when you are ready to leave the House (Butterfly, Blanche or Sweetwater), as a courtesy and a form of responsibility.
    a. If asked to leave you forfeit any fees, no refunds will be issued
    b. If you leave before 90 days and without giving 2 weeks’ notice you may not receive a refund of your deposit.

  19.  If it’s not yours, DON’T USE IT! (Taking or using something without permission is stealing and is ground for eviction.)

  20. Your rooms shall be clean at all times; this includes under the bed, dresser, closet, headboards, while dusting everything in your area.

  21. If you notice any damage to the property, inside or outside of your room, you must notify management immediately.

  22. This list can and will be amended on an as needed basis.

  23. You may be asked to leave at any time management deems it is not healthy for you or the house.  We may assist you in finding new place to live.

If applicable, residents are expected to abide by their parole or probation conditions.  If a parole/probation officer is coming to see you at the House (Butterfly, Blanche or Sweetwater), you must make sure Garth or Jeniffer knows within 48 hours beforehand and one of the three must to be present when he or she is there.

Phoenix Sober Living does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sexual orientation, ethnicity, age, gender or disability. You must however be at least 18 years of age to live at one of our House’s (Butterfly, Blanche or Sweetwater) and you must respect all of the items listed above and not discriminate against the other house members. Discrimination by other's within the house is grounds for immediate termination. Simply put, don't offend people and be kind and respectful of each other.


If immediate termination happens, the resident will be asked to remove all of their belongings immediately and will forfeit any monies paid in fees.  We do not prorate or give refunds if you are discharged. You will need to return the house key and arrange to pick up all belongings within 48 hours. Any money paid in advance will be kept on record for possible future use by same client only.

  • Physical violence toward any residents, staff member or contract worker

  • Possession of weapons

  • On-sight sexual activity

  • Introduction of illicit substances and or alcohol

  • Smoking outside of the designated smoking areas

  • Intoxication

  • Failure to submit to room inspection

  • Failure to submit drug screening (UA/breathalyzer)

  • Failed drug screen. If you fail the drug screen you may retake the test at your expense and no more than two drug screens will be provided

  • Destruction or altering a physical construction of property i.e. furniture interior walls etc.

  • Failure to account for times off-site

  • Failure to make curfew

  • Failure to pay fees on time

  • Failure to inform manager of any new prescription meds you are on the moment you start taking them

  • Failure to take your medications as prescribed by your doctor

  • Leaving without management's approval of where you're going (be specific when signing out)


Violence free environment: maintaining a safe and secure environment is essential to promote a life of stability, serenity and recovery and is an important part of the mission statement of Phoenix Sober Living. Emotional or physical violence towards other residents or staff will not be tolerated. No weapons of any kind are permitted on the property.

Spiritual beliefs and worldviews: Phoenix Sober Living recognizes the right of every resident to view the world according to her beliefs. We also recognize the right of every resident not to have a particular belief or worldview forced upon her. Please do not recruit nor impose your spiritual, religious, or political beliefs on anyone. Imposing your spiritual view on a house-mate may create conflict within the house, respect their belief and they will respect yours. With all of that being stated, Phoenix Sober Living may offer Yoga and Meditation along with other holistic offerings depending on availability. Please note that this is not obligatory and you are not expected to participate if you do not want to.

Privacy: Residents are expected to respect each other’s privacy and may not violate their personal space. Phoenix Sober Living management will not discuss resident information (i.e. personal, billing, recovery) with other residents, and neither should you. Discussing your fees and payments, etc. with another resident is grounds for eviction. Phoenix Sober Living has the right to inspect residential space at any time to ensure compliance of House Rules, your sobriety and the safety of others.

Complaints and Negativity: Residents may file complaints or grievances to Phoenix Sober Living management directly-that means to Jeniffer. Such complaints will not adversely affect residency. Detailed explanation of the grievance policy is listed separately.

No alcohol or drugs are permitted on the grounds of Phoenix Sober Living at any time: You may remain as a resident as long as you are clean and sober and you are living a sober lifestyle by walking the walk. Intoxicated residents will be required to leave the Butterfly House immediately, and may be able to return after a period of time depending on the situation at the discretion of management. If your room is taken up during that period of waiting you will have to wait for another room to open up. You are never to have a guest over that is intoxicated. Doing so can result in eviction from Phoenix Sober Living houses.

CURFEW: New residents will have a 9PM curfew, 7 days a week until she provides proof of employment, school enrollments, or volunteer service and/or aftercare. Meetings may be attended anytime as long as approved by management in the first 30 days of residency. Always use a sign in/out sheets. Normal curfew after that is 10 PM Sunday through Thursday and 11 PM on Friday’s and Saturday’s.

OVERNIGHTS: Overnights are allowed after 2 weeks of residency once proof is provided of employment, school enrollments, or volunteer service and/or aftercare. Residents are allowed 1 (one) night per week. We may test you upon returning home. Any additional nights and/or vacations must be approved by the house manager and will be on a case by case basis.

Pets: are not allowed on the premises at any time of any kind—Not even fish.

Doing our part with Chores: All residents are assigned weekly property chores. These will rotate and you are not allowed to trade or switch chores, other than what's been assigned to. The house should be kept clean and picked up at all times. Chores are for deeper cleaning rather than daily cleaning.

Noise: All residents are asked to respect of the residence and keep the volume of radios, laptops and televisions at reasonable levels. You are not allowed to have a television in your bedroom. You may be allowed certain items with permission of management first ONLY.

Pornography: No pornography, print or Internet, is permitted in or around Phoenix Sober Living houses at any time. No dating websites or anything related to these types of websites are permitted during your stay at the Phoenix Sober Living houses either.

Medication: Phoenix Sober Living does not dispense medications. All prescribed medications are to be noted in the resident's file and it is the responsibility of the resident to keep them locked up in a safe or lock box provided at the resident’s expense. Sharing medicine will not be tolerated and will be grounds for eviction. Over-the-counter, non-alcoholic medications such as aspirin, Tylenol, cold remedies etc. are permitted but are the responsibility of the resident.  These medications should be kept in the residents possession at all times. No narcotic or benzodiazepine or pain medications are permitted on the property. IF there is a medication you are in question of and under a doctors care, please speak with the house manager and/or Jeniffer. If you're caught taking another residents prescription medication you will be asked to leave immediately. If a doctor has changed your medications you must notify management right away.

Dress Code: Residents will be appropriately dressed when in the common living areas and directly outside of the Phoenix Sober Living houses. We do not permit ( for women’s house only short shorts, miniskirts), clothes depicting violence, drug or alcohol use etc. The House Manager may deem what is or what is not appropriate.

Visitation: If you want a visitor on site after 30 days of sobriety You must to get clearance do so. Visitors are restricted to immediate family members. For women’s houses: mothers, daughters, and sisters over 18 years of age. NO male visitor shall be allowed on site ever. If a male is picking you up, they must wait in the car. For men’s houses: fathers, sons, and brothers over 18 years of age. NO female visitor shall be allowed on site ever. If a female is picking you up, they must wait in the car. You shall discuss the visitor and visitation request with the manager within 48 hours prior to visitation date requested. Visitors will need to sign in and out on the sign in sheet posted. Visitors may be entertained in the common area of the house if it’s not disrupting another residents business. If so, please move visitation outside. Visitation is limited to Saturdays and Sundays between 8 AM and 6 PM. Guests are not to be left unattended and no overnight guests are permitted ever. If the guest causes a disturbance this guest shall be asked to leave and must leave premises immediately. Due to liability issues, no children under the age of 18 will be allowed on the property of the Butterfly House. Resident’s may visit whomever they wish to visit off-site as long as it does not violate the rules set in place by the Butterfly House management in this document.

12 step meetings: Each resident is required to attend no less than five sobriety meetings a week. Each resident will be given a sobriety meeting slip during the house meeting. Completed meeting slips must be turned into the House Manager at the next weekly meeting. If you are new to the Program, you must do 30 meetings in 30 days until the first 30 days is up. You must get a sponsor, home group and a commitment within the first two weeks of living at the Butterfly House. If you have a meeting with your sponsor and miss a meeting please have your sponsor sign your meeting slip and write down topic of discussion.

If you fail to attend the required sobriety meetings, you'll be required to attend one sobriety meeting per day for 14 consecutive days. Failure to complete the 14 and 14 will constitute grounds residency termination.

Phoenix Sober Living house meeting: We will have one mandatory house meeting per week on either Sunday or Monday evening, depending on House Managers schedule. These are mandatory meetings and you need to allow 30 minutes for each meeting. Residents must make arrangements with their employers to attend this meeting. There will be no exceptions for missing these meetings, barring some catastrophic event. Again, the House Manager may make exceptions when necessary.

Sign in/Sign out sheet: Each resident is expected to log their times on and off property and their purpose for doing so on the Sign in/Sign out sheet located by front door.  No exceptions will be made. If you change locations and are not going to be where you originally stated on the sign out sheet you must notify the House Manager.

Treating the Phoenix Sober Living houses with care: This is not your house, therefore you're not allowed to alter the property in any fashion this includes decorations inside or outside the building. Residents may not drill nor attach anything to the ceilings, walls or floors of the property. We will provide bulletin boards (if there isn’t one in your room, please request one.)  in each room and in the common area to hang pictures from.

Phoenix Sober Living houses are considered “silent” addresses to provide the safety of its residents. As such, the physical address will never be listed on any documentation. Residents are not allowed to give out the physical address of the house for any reason. (Exception of parole/or probation officers.) All correspondence should be addressed as follows:

Phoenix Sober Living
4848 E. Cactus Rd 505-543
Scottsdale, AZ 85254

Jeniffer will pick up the mail and distribute to residents at least 3 times a week.  If you are expecting a letter/package we will check sooner.

Residents are not allowed to have a refrigerator nor a coffeepot in the bedroom; everything you need is right in the kitchen. Food will not be stored in the bedroom. Residents will also not bring space heaters or portable AC units. Ceiling fans are in the bedrooms so no portable fans are allowed either. No tampering of appliances or devices will be permitted.

Parking is limited. To park a vehicle on the Phoenix Sober Living properties, the resident must submit a copy of current registration and insurance, as well as a valid driver’s license to the House Manager to be kept on file. Non-running vehicles are not permitted and will be towed at owner’s expense. If you do not have current driver’s license, insurance or registration you will not be allowed to keep your car at the Butterfly House.

Ride sharing: If you have a car and want to give someone a ride, that is your decision. Use your discretion with this if you are the one with the car and respect this if you're the one who needs a ride. This can become uncomfortable for all parties involved and management will not settle disputes if someone allow themselves and their car to be taken advantage of. You are never allowed to loan your car to another resident; PERIOD.

Financial: Residents will be charged a residential fee of $175 per week plus a tax of 1.75% for a shared room before moving in, along with a one-time fee of $60 (for cleanup after you leave and take paperwork, no tax on this.) These are due by 10:00 AM Saturday mornings for the following week. Cash or money orders will only be accepted. Personal checks will not be accepted. Debit or credit card transactions are allowed with the 3% surcharge. Please let management know in advance if you need to pay by credit card. You will receive a receipt for your fees after you pay them. If you are discharged for relapse or for any other reason and management agrees you return, you may keep and use your deposit for up to 30 days post leaving.  If you come back on the 31st day all deposits and fees (back fees) will be due upon move in.

Residents have two weeks from the day after they move in to a Phoenix Sober Living house to find employment, unless they are in some kind of aftercare. Residents must have a job within the first two weeks or they may be asked to leave by noon on the 15th day of their arrival at the Phoenix Sober Living house. Unless in aftercare, our residents are required to work, actively seek employment, or be a full-time student (enrolled in a minimum of nine credit hours) in an accredited academic or trade school. Those who are permanently disabled and on federal, state, or local assistants are required to become involved in service to the home or the community-minimum of 32 hours a week.

There are no payment plans at Phoenix Sober Living. If you can't pay, you can't stay. If the resident can't pay by the Saturday 10:00 AM deadline, they are asked to move out of the Phoenix Sober Living house by noon on Sunday. Forfeiting any fees already paid.

The rules outlined here need to be followed or you'll be charged additional fees for cleaning your room after you leave, repairing any damage you may have caused, etc. These fees may be paid immediately before you leave the residence or legal action may be taken against you. We've never had this problem yet, and unanticipated in the future. This clause in the agreement is to cover ourselves, or any damage we may not have known about before you leave come upon inspection of your room.

General Expectations: Unemployed residents are required to leave the property to actively search for employment by 9AM and may not return until 4 PM every day until employment has been verified; summer hours are 7 AM to 2 PM.

All residents are required to participate in at least five (5) 12 step meetings every week if they have over 30 days of sobriety. If you are under 30 days sober, you must attend a 12 step meeting every day. All residents are to find a sponsor right away you must have one within one week of residency. Residents will submit contact information to the House Manager for verification purposes.

Phoenix Sober Living encourages residents to refrain from borrowing or lending between residents and will not mediate any disputes that may result from this. Phoenix Sober Living will not lend to nor borrow from residents, this includes cigarettes. DO NOT put someone in an awkward situation by asking to borrow something which is not yours. If you cannot afford items, work for them. This person can get in trouble with Management for loaning out items.

Phoenix Sober Living is not responsible for the personal property of any resident during or after residency. Residents are encouraged to keep the personal property to a minimum. The Butterfly House does have a small storage shed on-site for any resident’s belongings. Property left behind after resident vacates shall be considered abandoned, inventory and stored for a period of seven calendar days upon which the property will be donated to a charity of Phoenix Sober Living’s choice. Written authorization must be provided by the resident upon vacancy for anyone other than the owner to pick up personal property.

The above is not a complete list of all the possible rules and or policy violations that may happen. Use common sense when presented with a choice that may affect you and other residents in the house.

Please remember the signs of trouble: HALT-Hungry-Angry-Lonely-Tired

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